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3.5 million homeless people have  to choose between food and products.

Period products are a necessity. Yet, for many, they are considered only a luxury. Period poverty is a universal issue. Sadly, it is not only the cost that breaches the access to these products for many. How many times have you checked the school bathroom’s product holder for it to be empty?

Fearless Flow Foundation is not only about raising awareness for period poverty, but simply turning the taboo topic of periods into a normal conversation, seeing that it is a normal bodily health function and over 800 million people across the globe are menstruating daily.

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Menstruation without Frustration


Via Menstrual Product Drives

Fearless Flow has donated over 8,000 menstrual products to multiple homeless shelters across the greater Detroit area including Building Strong Women and Haven. As well as passing out products to over 200 families during food drives. Not having proper access to these menstrual products is a daily occurring inconvenience for many menstruators. They are needed to maintain proper hygiene. Overuse or makeshift products pose health concerns such as urinary tract infections and toxic shock syndrome, which in severe cases can even be fatal.


Tampon tax, products in public city restrooms, and products in school bathrooms

An integral part of fighting for menstrual rights is advocating for products to be treated as the medical necessities that they are. Since the start of our organization we've lobbied for the removal of the tampon tax, which is an unjust sales tax imposed on menstrual products. Medical necessities as well as products such as condoms, deodorant, chapstick, shampoo, viagra, and romaine are exempt from the sales tax. While Michigan has just recently rid of the tax. Almost half the nation still taxes menstrual products. Past the tax menstrual products are not treated as necessities such as other toiletry. We don't overthink expecting to have toilet paper in a public restroom however this attitude is not the same for menstrual products. After working with council members in February of 2022 the city of Novi agreed to place proper menstrual products in all city restrooms. Novi is one of the few cities in the nation to successfully implement this and are now leaders in the growing menstrual movement.


Teaching past the text-book definition

 Students are simply taught the basic text-book definition of what a period is through a solely women focused sphere. However, menstruation is a bodily function that differs from person to person. Many menstruators experience conditions such as amenorrhea, endometriosis, and unexplained irregular bleeding, but are not aware of the conditions that they may be facing or that it is one of concern. Many students are also not aware of the true spectrum of menstruators includes transgender men and women as well as non-binary individuals. This education gap feeds into the prevalent stigma found around menstruation. Making periods an uncomfortable topic for many students. By educating on the true definition of menstruation we hope to tackle period stigma at the root of the problem.

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